Do you want to increase online sales?
Qmedia has been helping businesses to scale up in digital marketing
since 2007.
Tested strategy
02. Search engine optimization (SEO)
Due to our work, web-site appears in Google search results and has organic traffic
03. Advertising
in Google and Meta
Ads bring first leads and orders. Then we calculate unit economy and scale ad campaigns
01. Quality
modern website
We make a website on a professional platform, filled and ready for first sales
About our agency
For each project, we gather a unique cross-functional team from different specialized departments. The team is managed by an account-manager, who is a marketer with more than 5 years of experience in digital-marketing.
For 15 years we have had a lot of successful marketing cases in any business field: from large e-commerce projects to b2b portals and mass media.
succesfully completed projects
year of foundation
Professionals in their spheres
Websites that we develop are:
Do you need web-site that really sells? Contact us!
Before making a website, we analyze your competitors and offer unique solutions for your business to get ahead
Easy to manage
Any user with basic computer skills can deal with the sites' admin panel
Quickly loaded, comfortable, and user-friendly on any devices (phones, tablets, PCs)
Technologies and automation
Our projects
A web-site and advertising campaign
for a souvenir manufacturer
We created a multilingual and multiregional landing page with the ability of quick launching new versions of the site with regional features and in different languages.
Web-site and promotion for the catalog of electrical equipment
It is not only a catalog of goods, but also a huge multilingual database of technical documentation for goods that is available for downloading for registered users.
Web-application and online advertising campaign
for a premium car rental company
We created a web-site catalog of cars available for rent. At the same time, we set up analytics systems, ran advertising campaigns in Google Ads.
Automated car rental service
We developed a car rental service with an automatic multi-season tariff system that calculates the cost of rent, insurance, and more than 15 additional functions.
incredible results of our clients
Do you need help in promoting your project? Get in touch — and we will help!
Increased traffic by 6.7 times
Got web-site to top 10 in search results for 331 queries
Fixed more than 30 technical mistakes
Complex promotion for an online-shop of smartphones
Reduced the cost of an acquired customer by 17 times
Reduced the average cost of a click by 2 times
Online ads for professional hair cosmetics
Got the site to the top 10 in search results for 453 queries within 1.5 months
Improved website's positions for 785 keywords
SEO for spare parts supplier's
new web-site
Increased traffic by 7.8 times
Why you can trust us:
We have 15 years of experience in the most competitive business fields
We know how to help businesses with turnover from 100k to 300m € per year
We maintain our reputation and build
long-term partnership relations with our clients
Special Unit Economy calculation for your project
We don't make risky experiments with your projects.
We calculate every step of your marketing funnel.
We scale only profits, not losses.
Our team
Development and technical support of clients' sites and internal projects of the company
Development department
Optimizing and promoting web-sites in search engines, copywriting, SERM and ASO
SEO department
Launching and managing advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok , etc.
Online ads department
Building marketing strategies and consulting business
Sales department
Project management, building long-term relationships with clients
Customer Service Department
Our life
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Our contacts
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